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  • Rashi Desai

    Rashi Desai

    Data Analyst from Chicago // Everyone loves a good story & I tell mine with data!

  • Deevya Basir Yaduvanshi

    Deevya Basir Yaduvanshi

  • Harshit Gupta

    Harshit Gupta

    Who am I? A budding Data Scientist. With a 3yrs Work ex in retail, I am now building my Data Science skills to get into the industry to make a mark of my own!!!

  • Samanvitha


  • Kartik Godawat

    Kartik Godawat

    I like machines. I also like learning.

  • Aakash N S

    Aakash N S

    Founder, Jovian

  • Hemanth Janesh

    Hemanth Janesh

    Developer Evangelist at Jovian | Smart India Hackathon (’19 & ’20) Winner

  • Vishal Pathik Gupta

    Vishal Pathik Gupta

    Head of Growth and Community at Jovian.ml | Building communities since 2011

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