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Data Science | Data Analysis | Web-Scraping | Product Analysis

Using Python, Pandas, and Plotly

Exploratory Data Analysis
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Exploratory data analysis is an approach to analyzing the datasets to summarize the main characteristics, often using statistical graphics and other data visualizations tools. The first step of anything you do should be a brief introduction with your data, you have to understand it, get familiar with it. Gaining a good understanding of data helps us to clean and summarize it, which then brings out all the insights and trends which were otherwise unclear.

Note: We will be using EDA for Exploratory Data Analysis in the entire article.

Exploratory Data Analysis has no hard and fast rules to follow, there…

How to scrape the data from web pages and save it to a csv file.

“Data is the new oil.” — Clive Humby

Web Scraping Image

We all are living in a time where the internet is rich with enormous amounts of data. Data has become a new fuel. Now the question is “how to utilize this fuel?” You can use data for analysis, for research, for machine learning, for artificial intelligence etc.

Another important question is, if you are a data scientist or Machine Learning Engineer “How to collect and prepare the data for your projects? “. If you are working for a company, the company may already have a ready dataset, or you may be asked…


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